2016 story

Greetings! It's March Hoops time 2017!

Welcome back all to another year of the Madness! I think we have everything on the site ready to go.

This is a private club again this year.  New registrations to the mistrhanky site are disabled, so if you forget your password or username, use the tools on the site to recover it. If you are still having trouble contact us. Keep in mind though that things get very busy in the last few moments before tip-off, so please make every effort to verify that you can login and send any cookie payments early in the week. Exceptions to the private club rule are handled on a case-by-case basis, so let me know if have people you want to refer. Also, I do not have much time during the workday to fix website issues, so most of my responses will come in the evenings.

** Always check the "News and Information" section on the website for the latest info on the site, the games, etc and remember, get your picks in early!

** If you are looking for a good way to watch the games on Thursday and Friday, come join us at the Wing Factory in Ashburn(Not Sterling). We will be there from roughly 12:30-6:30(or later) on Thursday soaking up all the beer and hoops we can handle. Friday's location will be Buffalo Wild Wing's in Leesburg. Come on out and join us. This joint has a ton of big screens and every game is on, good food, non-smoking bar, and if you have never watched hoops in a bar full of people all holding bracket sheets, well, you are missing out on a great time.

This year, the March Madness game is of course free- as it always is.

I would also remind you that many companies watch their network traffic and have policies that are not March Madness friendly. If you are at such a company, you may want to be careful how many times you go to the website during the workday and try to restrain yourself to your off hours. Just a word of warning.