Week 5

Whoa...? What?!? He wrote an article?!?

What we learned this week:

browns1. Eli Manning really kinda sucks. His affinity for throwing passes is only superceded by the other New York QB. We also know that Manning has a lot of company because the Giants D is awful and OBJ has turned himself into a complete clown. I have more sympathy for Josh Gordon than Odell Bechkham. Honestly, getting his ass beat by the kicking net was the most endearing thing the man has done this season.

2. Speaking of the other New York QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick is on an epic tear right now. With 10 picks in the first 4 games, he is in rare company. Only four other shitty quarterbacks have done that in the last 30 years. Thankfully, his defense is pretty crappy too, so there is balance in the force.

3. It is difficult to tell which aspect of the Redskins has sucked more this season. There is a great case for Gruden who continues to call a mystifying offense in all situations. Whether it is passing up short yardage 4th down plays for long yardage 4th down plays, a seemingly total lack of desire to stretch the field more than once a half, or just generally lousy game management, he has been frustrating to watch all around. Of course, this is made worse by Kirk "I am proving why they paid me a boatload of money so they had a choice about cutting my sorry ass" Cuzzins and his dumpster fire of failed opportunity. You see, it is not so much that Cousins make horrible throws(which he does at times), it is that he misses easy opportunities -- a lot. All of these woes get buried of course under the consistently inexplicable defensive playcalling of Joe Barry who honestly does not seem to realize that Josh Norman is on the team.

4. Ah, and now the Browns. Gotta love the Browns, there is no more consistent team in the league. If something is going to go wrong, it happens in Cleveland first. This week at the Redskins game, it all proved out again. Now I have to say, Browns fans are a pretty good bunch. As a Washington fan, I feel a kinship with them. There really is not anything you can taunt a Browns fan with that isn't already true. This season they are on the third string QB, have lost a top flight WR for a while with a broken hand in practice, and have an all world talent like Josh Gordon voluntarily headed to rehab after a year + out of the game. We all know that was not voluntarily, he failed something somewhere. Nobody waits that long just to go to rehab. This is also the team that passed up on the douchebag loser Carson Wentz because RG3 had it covered for them. In all fairness though, if they had chosen Wentz, he would have turned out awful. It is the way of the factory of sadness. I think you could rarely have a bad time sitting around and laughing, joking and commiserating with Brownie fans, but man do they take some bad beats. They shouldn't be that hopeless, they have a nice running game and Pryor is turning into a big play reciever. You know it won't last though.

4. The NFL can be pretty hard to figure out sometimes. They talk as if they would like a team to be in the Uknown Kingdom long term, but then they keep sending them bad football, every. single. year. This years first game featured a hapless Colts against an energized, exciting, and hapless Jaguars. The record of the Jags in London heading into this game was 2-23. Who the fuck can build a fanbase around 2-23?

5. Speaking of the Colts and the Jags, let's talk about overrated yet sucky quarterbacks. Poster Child - Andrew Luck. Is anyone else getting tired of hearing about how great Luck is? He was abysmal last season, and so far this season he is the 22nd ranked quarterback in completion percentage, just ahead of Blake Bortles. Guys like the Browns Cody Kessler and the even Elli May Manning are much, much better. Why does anyone keep talking about Luck as something other than an underachieving bust talent? RG3 looked great and fell apart. Tannehill looked average and fell apart. Luck looked great and has fallen apart, yet nobody gives him shit about it. If you play like Jay Cutler, maybe we should treat you like Jay Cutler. Russel Wilson is truly the only guy out of that draft class that has proven to be the total package. Who knows, one day maybe Luck will be there, but right now, he should be happy he has a job at all.

6. Personal foul for the "Bow and Arrow" thing after an interception? Really? They are the FUCKING Redskins. If we can't do a bow and arrow, what is the world coming too?!?

2016 story

Greetings! It's March Hoops time 2017!

Welcome back all to another year of the Madness! I think we have everything on the site ready to go.

This is a private club again this year.  New registrations to the mistrhanky site are disabled, so if you forget your password or username, use the tools on the site to recover it. If you are still having trouble contact us. Keep in mind though that things get very busy in the last few moments before tip-off, so please make every effort to verify that you can login and send any cookie payments early in the week. Exceptions to the private club rule are handled on a case-by-case basis, so let me know if have people you want to refer. Also, I do not have much time during the workday to fix website issues, so most of my responses will come in the evenings.

** Always check the "News and Information" section on the website for the latest info on the site, the games, etc and remember, get your picks in early!

** If you are looking for a good way to watch the games on Thursday and Friday, come join us at the Wing Factory in Ashburn(Not Sterling). We will be there from roughly 12:30-6:30(or later) on Thursday soaking up all the beer and hoops we can handle. Friday's location will be Buffalo Wild Wing's in Leesburg. Come on out and join us. This joint has a ton of big screens and every game is on, good food, non-smoking bar, and if you have never watched hoops in a bar full of people all holding bracket sheets, well, you are missing out on a great time.

This year, the March Madness game is of course free- as it always is.

I would also remind you that many companies watch their network traffic and have policies that are not March Madness friendly. If you are at such a company, you may want to be careful how many times you go to the website during the workday and try to restrain yourself to your off hours. Just a word of warning.

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